Welcome to Canine Country Club

At the Canine Country Club we have been in business for over 35 years! We have been successful in boarding and providing dog and cat daycare for years with many happy customers. We have a great staff and our prices are great, all you need is bring the food and we will take care of the rest! Your pets will have a great vacation with included potty and play breaks 5 times a day.. So call today to talk with one of our staff members that is ready to answer any of your questions on our facility, availability for your dogs or cats.

Canine Country Club takes pride in running a clean, healthy environment for your pet to stay. We are quite different from the typical kennels, because we are not a kennel, we are a home environment. We view your pet as our houseguest! Your pet may board for a single day or for extended periods.

A Message from the owner

There are so many places to board dogs and cats these days, it can be hard to figure out the best place for your pet. I have been doing pet boarding for 35 years, and have seen many changes in this business. It has become so much more about bells and whistles, a virtual Disney World, for your pet. Just like Disney World, all of these attractions come with a price. What are you paying for? Fancy kennels, with TV's in them, additional charges for extra walks or outside play? At the Canine Country Club, I put the emphasis on your pet. Because we are located in the country, your dog has room to romp and play outside. You will get a list of your dogs playmates while they are here. Lots of fresh air and good healthy fun. So ask yourself, do you want your loved one sitting in front of a TV all day, or would you like them to engage in America's favorite past-time...a game of good old-fashioned catch?